Manual Juicer for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Crank, Turn, Drink

 Your body loves the nutrients from juicing.  Easy to shallow, Juicing makes a body feel good.  Why chew when you can drink to good health.

Traditional Efficacy:

  • Juicing makes it easier for the body to absorb more vitamins and minerals through juicing their vegetables and fruits. 
  • Juicing gives the body energy, fills you up and helps move the bowl from the body
  • Reduce inflammation in body by masticating your ginger and garlic in your morning smoothies 
  • Most effective and inexpensive way to benefit from juicing vegetables and fruits other than chewing it yourself
  • Make your own healthy drinks, yogurts and ice creams and regulate your intake of sugar and salt
  • Non toxic environmental friendly materials are used - non-toxic, tasteless, safe and secure!
  • Wonderful kitchen tool for retirement home and the elderly living alone.
  • Ease of cleaning, No Metal blades used to masticate and shear the vegetable and fruits
  • Use Everything from the fruit and vegetable - jazz up soups and sauces - with the remaining fiber pulp
  • No electricity, no batteries - no problem - its Manual!

Product Specs:

  • Fruit & Vegetable Tools: Squeezes and Reamers
  • Shape of Charging Port: Round
  • Function: Juicing, Ice Cream
  • Housing and Cup Body Material: Plastic
  • Type: Single Gear [Chewing/Masticating] Extracting Juicer
  • Tabletop Method: Hand Held, Lock, Load, Turn
  • Speed Adjustment: Manual Cranking
  • Accessories: Spoon scooper and drinking cup 
  • SRHMCAESID: 1608902705195iDLQ-J305195

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