Senior Self Care

February 18, 2021

Senior Self Care

Seniors love maintaining their dignity by living independently in their own home as long as possible.   If your loved one needs any form of care and you're considering which type to will fit the life circumstance, consider providing in-home care services if applicable.  Hands down, this is the best type of senior care because it allows an individual to remain in familiar surrounding while receiving the care that fits their need.

Of course the price of care are determining factors which choosing the assisted senior care. Obviously, In home care services does not include charges like hospital equipment nor nursing home costs.  And its reasonable to expect in-home self care would be less expensive and more affordable. Medicare will only cover a small portion of long-term care.   And so, for this reason, when applicable, seniors opt for in-home care services.

The intrinsic benefits to receiving in-home self care services begins with mental wellness.  The ability to keep certain level of independence helps improve the quality of life and over-all well-being. Note, not all elders need full-time assistance.  Many are still mentally and physically fit and can perform daily chores.  Some chores such as shopping for grocery or meeting doctor's appointments can be challenging.  These seniors may only need help for a few hours a day.  Those seniors who need consistent help still find it more beneficial to stay in their homes rather than an nursing facility.  Infirmed seniors receiving personalized care often prefer the comforts of their familiar home surroundings.  Lastly, some families and seniors may find it beneficial to hire nurses who can provide different levels of need.

As senior self care becomes more common, so are the options they may choose.   Whether it's staying connected through the internet or monitoring systems or minimum home care visits, all options mean monthly obligations.  Of course, internet and social monitoring systems are the least costly, but do they provide the health care coverage needed to satisfy independent living?   The goal is to keep an enriched life for our seniors and provide peace of mind for our families.   Selecting in-home care is just as important because you want to "hire smartly" where you have vetted the right fit for the need.

Personal Care Services:
The personal care services provided depend mainly on every individual's needs. This may include bathing, re-wrapping bandages, meal planning and preparation and lite physical therapy exercises. These little things makes a person feel refreshed, well and more comfortable. Helping your loved one perform daily activities helps them retain mental and physical acuity. Adherence to special dietary requirements can also enhance the quality of life at home.

Companion Services:
Using the internet wisely aids in keeping our seniors engaged in life's exciting twists and turns. Whether it's video meetings, or IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices (i.e., two way voice camera, smartphone devices, security monitoring home devices or wearables. A friend or love one visiting for a couple of hours a day to accompany a shopping trip, medical visit, grocery shopping, card game or just conversation can provide the additional quality of life that may be all that's needed.

Homemaker Services:
First things first: What is the goal for homemaker services?  Then, what is the duration of homemaker service?  Also think, the Homemaker services may require more time than anticipated, so budget for extra time.  Next, what are the contingencies for the Homemaker's service is the agent has an emergency and can not visit for that day.  And lastly, will our seniors feel comfortable with the person who is being paid to assist?

Remember, you can vet the agency and it's agent until the stars fall from the sky.    And so you should, but if the senior and agent's personality clash, it will become burdensome on everyone.  Speaking from some experience, when the agent, CNA or family member are available to assist but the chemistry is not desirable, the best of care will not salsify the emotional disturbances in the home.  So step though this selection with the end in mind.  A peaceful encounter is well worth the price of care.

So, while you are vetting the agency and it's personnel for historical experience, training credentials, professional and personal referrals, dependability, reliability, and cost efficient service, think deeply about a contingency plan.  We want the BEST for our seniors and they do too.

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